The craic is mostly Irish, with traditional and contemporary music and occasionally some popular music for variety. View our calendar below and see who is playing at the Chieftain this weekend...


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Check out our upcoming Events

11 Glory Dayz 9:30pm
12 Aftermath 9:30pm
18 MLC 9:30pm
19 Just Us 3  9:30pm
25 TBA 9:30pm
26 Hughie Purcell 9:30pm
27 PMC Fundraiser 1-7p
1 Berkshire Valley Boys 9:30pm
2 Groovestone 9:30pm
8 Tom Lanigan 9:30pm
9 Tony O' Riordan 9:30pm
15 MLC 9:30pm
16 Wishful Thinking 9:30pm
22 Colm O' Brien 9:30pm
23 Resonance 9:30pm
29 Intransition 9:30pm
30 Brian Buckley 9:30pm

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